/ About the architectural design office «Archivarius»

Архитектурно-проектное бюро "Архивариус" было основано в 2003 году. За прошедшие годы были выполнены сотни проектов разного назначения.

Architectural and Design Bureau LLC "Archivarius" was founded in 2003. Over the past years have been performed hundreds of projects different purposes.

Currently office specializes in the following types of services:
1. Urban design: territorial planning scheme, master plans, urban design guidelines, land use and development, project planning area, land survey projects, urban plans.

2. Architectural and structural design, cadastral works.
3. Topographical survey.

The Bureau has the highest number of architects in Magnitogorsk and is one of the leaders of the region's urban design. Office employees passed the required training and certification, projects are multi-stage quality control. The Bureau is actively involved in architectural competitions and scientific activities.

Chief Architect Office - Grebenshikov Kirill, PhD, assistant professor, a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, Chairman State Certification Commission MSTU named G.I.Nosova, winner of international and national competitions.

Heads of departments - Architects Levshunova Eugeniya (workshop №1) and Karimova Dinara (workshop №2).